Sports badge

Members can take the german sport badge ("Deutsches Sportabzeichen") with us.
If you are interested, please contact our examiner Olaf.

Sports Badge 2019
AK 30 GOLDJulian20. Juni
AK 30 GOLDMaik B.20. Juni
AK 40 SILVERThomas B.20. Juni
AK 45GOLDMarc20. Juni
AK 45 GOLDOlaf20. Juni
AK 50 SILVERStefan S.20. Juni
Sports Badge 2018
AK 25 GOLDMaik Bi.24. Mai
AK 30 GOLDJulian24. Mai
AK 35 GOLDMaik Be.23. Mai
AK 45 GOLDOlaf24. Mai

Examiner Sport Badge